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Featured Story from University of Minnesota

Small Biodegradable Spheres May Have Big Impact on Tumor Treatments

Sometimes doctors strategically block blood vessels to improve patients' health — such as arterial embolization, where millions of tiny spheres are injected in a blood vessel, clogging it. This can control bleeding in trauma patients and starve tumors or other growths. Researchers at University of Minnesota have taken this decades-old concept and given it a modern twist by developing microspheres from natural materials that can be absorbed by the body. The results could revolutionize the treatment of cancer.

Featured Story from St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Assay Pinpoints Natural Killer Cells To Improve Transplant Outcomes

Of the roughly 25,000 patients who receive a stem cell transplant each year worldwide, only about half survive. And until recently, researchers could not accurately predict the outcome of the costly and high-risk transplant procedure. A technology developed at St. Jude Children's Hospital hopes to reduce that uncertainty and increase the success rate of stem cell transplants by offering a test to help identify the optimal stem cell donor.

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