Create Custom Marketing Pieces Using the AUTM Better World Project Database Bookmark and Share

Meeting with legislators? Speaking about technologies? Search the Better World Project Database for stories. Then create a customized PDF to print and bring with you. You can also post the PDF to your website or social media site, or send it via good old fashioned email!

To get started, follow these steps:

1) Search for stories.

To search the Better World Project Database, visit the search page and type in the criteria you're looking for (i.e., state, institution or patent number).
Tip: if you've searched and you still can't find what you're looking for, try the keyword search.

2) Create your custom PDF.

On the results page, you'll see several blue buttons on the right side (see illustration below). If you like all of the stories that your search returned, you can add all of them to your handout by choosing "add all results to PDF." If you only want to choose a few, you can select them individually by clicking the blue button next to the stories you want that says "Add to PDF."

Then, click the link in the blue bar at the top that says "Configure/Print PDF."

Now, add a title to your PDF (i.e., "Vaccines Developed from University Technologies")

Next you can choose what order your stories appear in. You can sort by title, institution or country. When you're satisfied, click "Generate PDF."

3) Print your PDF or save it to your computer to share electronically.

Other Suggested Uses for the Printout Feature

  • Search by state if you're presenting to state legislators
  • Search by keywords if speaking to an audience interested in specific types of technologies (i.e., green technologies)
  • Search your own university when presenting to your internal constituency

Start searching now!