Better World Project Database FAQs Bookmark and Share

What is the criteria for innovations to be considered for inclusion in the Better World database?

  • The technology was licensed.
  • A product is for sale or a prototype is in use.
  • The technology highlights a successful partnership between academia and research.

Who can enter stories in the Better World Project database?

Only AUTM members can enter stories in the Better World Project database.

If I enter my story in the Better World Project database, will it automatically become a featured story on the Better World Project homepage?

The featured stories on the Better World Project homepage are chosen by the Better World Project Committee and written up by professional writers. The Better World Project Committee will review the database for stories that have potential to become featured stories on the Better World Project home page. If you do NOT wish to have your story considered for a full feature story writeup, you can opt out during the story entry process.

I've entered success stories into the AUTM GTP. Will those stories automatically populate the Better World Project database?

Not at this time. We are exploring options to make this more convenient and less confusing for members.

How do I create a custom printout from stories in the Better World Project database?

It's easy! The Better World Project database allows you to search for stories and then build a custom report to print out or share electronically. Learn how here.

I entered a story, but now I need to remove it or make changes. What do I do?

Go to the submissions page and find your stories under the header "previously submitted stories." Select the one you wish to edit, and make your changes. When you're satisfied, click "submit." To remove a story, change the submission status to "withdrawn."

What happened to the Better World Report?

In 2012, AUTM transitioned from a printed Better World Report to an electronic format that includes monthly featured stories and the Better World Project database, which allows you to generate customized reports as PDFs or printouts. The electronic format continues the tradition of professionally written stories about how technology transfer makes the world a better place. While the database allows all AUTM members to share their stories and generate content that is specific to their needs. This format extends the reach of the report, providing a platform for all AUTM members to spread the word about technology transfer’s impact. Stories from past reports are included in the database. Printed copies of past reports are also still available.